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Suoh Kazumi

Suoh Kazumi is a side character of the Finder Series. He is one of the two main body guards for Ryūichi Asami.


As a body guard, Kazumi is skilled at combat and firearms usage who is usually shown carrying a pistol. He is very strong and the “muscle” of Ryūichi Asami's operation.


Kazumi is a tall man who maintains a professional appearance and demeanor at all times with short blonde hair and a muscular build.

He generally wears a suit.


Asami Ryuichi[]

Asami is Suoh’s current employer where he is highly devoted to and his interests.

Takaba Akihito[]

Suoh is the one that kidnaps Akihito in the first chapter at Asami’s request. He is often cold towards Akihito, commenting on how most people that cross Asami in the ways that Akihito does end up dead.