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Fei Long Liu (劉飛龍 Ryū Feiron, Chinese: Liú Fēilóng) is a main character of the Finder Series. He is the head of a drug syndicate called Baishe and he is initially introduced as a Chinese mafia leader who has a grudge against Ryūichi Asami.

Early on in the story, Fei Long takes an interest in Akihito Takaba, while Fei Long is seeking a way to get revenge against Asami.


Fei Long is a very tall, slender and beautiful fair-skinned young man with long black hair (dark green in the Animix) that goes past his back and brown eyes with noticeably long eyelashes. The length of his hair is a distinguishing feature of Fei Long as other characters have commented on this part of his appearance. He sometimes pulls his hair back into a ponytail or braid. Fei Long usually wears opulent traditional Chinese clothing, but occasionally he wears a suit. Tao (Fei Long's attendant and protégé) helps him brush his hair and chooses the wardrobe that Fei Long wears at home.

Ever since childhood, Fei Long has had long hair and his hair is so beautiful that his adopted father told Fei Long that his hair shouldn't be cut short. Although, he was forced to have a short haircut when he was in prison and he grew his hair out again later on.


Fei Long was born in Hong Kong and he was once a partner of Ryūichi Asami until Asami shot Toh (Fei Long's biological father). A rift formed between them and he deserted Asami and returned to Hong Kong to work for a group there, later becoming leader of the Baishe Mafia, the Chinese mafia.


Fei Long's skill, as revealed in the Finder Series character book, is his martial arts ability. While his adopted father was still alive, he used his fighting skills to work as an assassin. Fei Long is also proficient with weapons, and is shown to use both guns and knives. He has skill in business management, as well as the ability to hold onto his position as a mafia leader through ruthless means.



In the novel Finder No Rakuin, Fei Long risked his life to save Tao from the hands of his adopted brother, Yan Tsui, who is Tao's biological father. In the same work, Fei Long admits to worship Tao, fiercely wishing that he would not follow the same path that followed in the past; Tao is the only family he has, even if they don't share blood.

Fei Long trusts Tao, as he commissioned him to take care of one of his most sacred possessions: a key to a safe containing the deed to a Casino in Macau. Tao also acts as Fei Long's closest assistant, he's the one who brings his meals and takes them away. He also combs his hair.

Mikhail Arbatov[]

Mikhail's interest for Fei Long often be misunderstood as mere sexual attraction. However, in Pray in Abyss, Yuri captured Fei Long and kept him as hostage, demanded Mikhail to surrender.

It was stated by the author that the history of abuse may have triggered his desire to protect Fei Long, because Liu once went through the same abuse from his family too. He is the only one, beside Tao, can make Fei Long reveal his softer side. The author stated that it's Mikhail's "victory".

Ryūichi Asami[]

Fei Long was once a partner of Asami long ago, back then Asami had a complicated relationship with him marked with Asami treating him with unexpected kindness and concern. It can also be surmised that the two had a developing relationship not only based on mutual respect but also one that was deeper than friendship.

Fei's older adoptive brother shot their adoptive father which led to the father's death. Ryuichi, in turn, shot the older adoptive brother which led him to die. Both adoptive brother and father have spoken to Fei, with the father telling Fei about how he was regarded and loved as a son. Meanwhile, the older adoptive brother lied and made Fei believe that Ryuichi killed the adoptive father who Fei loved so much.

To add more complications, there was a confrontation between Fei, Fei's biological father, and Ryuichi. The events happened so fast and in the end Fei was shot by his biological father. Ryuichi shot Fei's biological father.

However, with the way that events and circumstances unfolded as well as the lie that the adoptive brother had said before he died, Fe was led to believe that Ryuichi killed his adoptive brother and father and then shot him. Fei was hospitalized and after his gunshot wounds healed, he was tried in court and sent to prison. All this time, he believed that Ryuichi betrayed him and he vowed revenge.

After Fei Long's father and adoptive father died, Fei Long blamed Asami. Ever since then the two have become rivals and they are currently residing in different countries.


  • The name Fei Long means "fly, flying, hover, flutter" (飛) (fei) and "dragon" (龙, 龍) (long) in Chinese.
  • Fei Long's surname Liu means "kill, destroy" (刘).


  • Fei Long's birthday is February 1.
  • Fei Long's birthplace and residence is in Hong-Kong, China.
  • Fei Long's blood type is AB.
  • Fei Long is 179 cm tall (5'10").
  • Fei Long weighs about 63 kg (139 lbs).
  • Fei Long's shoe size is 27cm.
  • Fei Long's hobbies are reading and collecting old books.
  • Fei Long's favorite clothing is traditional Chinese dress.
  • Fei Long's favorite food is stir fry with oyster sauce.
  • According to the Finder Series guide, the type of people Fei Long likes are those who deviate from his idea of common sense.
  • Fei Long has a low tolerance for alcohol and gets drunk easily.
  • Fei Long does not have a driver's license.
  • In Finder no Rakuin, it is implied that Fei Long wants someone who lived in the underworld while Ryūichi Asami wanted the opposite (Asami wants someone who doesn't lived in the underworld).