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Kirishima Kei is a side character of the Finder Series. He is one of the two main body guards for Ryuichi Asami. He is also Asami’s secretary and main chauffeur.


As a body guard, he is skilled at combat and firearms usage. He usually carries a pistol but is shown to be a decent sharpshooter with a rifle as well. He (presumably) has a pilot’s license, as he’s the one that flies a helicopter to retrieve Asami and Akihito when their penthouse comes under attack. He is skilled at evasive driving and is highly observant. He is often tasked with reporting on Akihito’s whereabouts and picking him up for Asami. He plans and cancels meetings and arranges travel logistics. In one of the extras we also see that he has domestic skills such as cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry.


He’s tall with short black hair and wears glasses. He generally wears a suit. He maintains a professional appearance and demeanor at all times.


Asami Ryuichi Asami is Kirishima’s current employer. He is highly devoted to Asami and Asami’s interests. He is willing to disobey if it means protecting Asami from physical harm.

Takaba Akihito Kirishima protects Akihito at Asami’s request. Kirishima defends Akihito from a shooter, taking a bullet to the xxx in the process. He arranges getting a new passport for Akihito. He picks up / drives Akihito around at Asami’s request.